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More Time = New Design 

A Fireplace In Your Master Bath

2021 Design Ideas From Atlas Plumbing

Spending more time at home in 2021 calls for a little more that just hanging out around the house. More than ever before, Atlas Plumbing thinks that we may want our homes to be cozy, comfortable, and balanced. Making our homes feel welcoming is key to dealing with the next set of challenges our lives may bring.

Design, renovations, remodels, and new home design will be just some of the things you may want to consider as we begin this new year. Natural-looking pieces and lighter woods are incorporated into 2021’s best interior design trends. A natural but sustainable design at an affordable price is important and adding a pop of color for warmth will replace many basic tones to give your room a glow.

Traditional Decor - The 90’s look is coming back very bold and strong. As we will be spending more time at home, we want both a functional and a cozy feel (instead of that stiff, formal look). That way our house is warm and inviting. Here are some ideas for plumbing parts, plumbing fixtures, and plumbing accessories you may want to consider for 2021.

Simple and beautiful rounded furniture is making its reimergance with a soft and appealing look. Sofas and chairs that are comfortable will add a new level of care. Make sure you can get your work done well then watch your favorite show or curl up in a warm blanket and read a book on the furniture you selected to end those busy days. Simple decorative carvings and homey upholstery characterize this style, and are sure to add to this new level of focus on your redesigned bath.

Traditional Decor Kitchen Interior Design Style - Lightened Woods - Consider a traditional kitchen with the exposed brick is a very inviting and feature. Uplifting toned wooden pieces will blend perfectly with the cozy feel and give a fresh, modern look to your home. By using minimalist interior design trends a new style can provide a sleek feel with a little texture.

The Natural Look - Cane, leather, plants, and ceramics are becoming increasingly popular for decor. They have a calming effect and add texture. Remember to layer textures and fabrics and choose warm greens or earthy tones, deep reds and browns, or a bold blue to complete your room. By adding images of animals, flowers, or leaves or a fun patterned wallpaper can give a cohesive feel to that natural look.

Rustic Vogue - This decorative style is characterized by warmth, with natural materials like wood that have grain and texture highly visable. Considered to be one of the few cottage looks that appears more often and continues to stay on trend throughout 2021; this charming look and feel adds impact to that new look and feel.

Handmade Styles - Atlas in Dallas has seen a rise in handmade items from HGTV shows and popular stores on platforms like Etsy. This interior design trend gives personality and character to your new design look at home. Created by you with your designer or firm adds something very special to your home. Hand made products, custom designed art pieces, accent pieces add such a great new look to the home bath and kitchen.

Vintage Vibes - Victorian-era interior design trends, Art Deco, Grandmillennial, ’90s styles, and Cottage looks will take over the home decor trends for 2021. Make room for all pieces repurposed, antique, salvaged, and retro to start and go from there. Some great ideas may be to blend into other trends that can present an inviting feel to a room. Glass and stone also find their way into home decor. Try mixing glass and marble in accent pieces to go perfectly with the furniture you picked and your lighting choices.

Grandmillennial - The new classic designs, patterns, and history-filled pieces can make a grand entrance with a new fireplace in a wow location like the bath. Note that each piece has a story and significance, and the style focuses on sustainable and affordable options. Check out the picture of this idea in full view for inspiration.

Shabby Chic - This redefined style of unrefined luxury and timeworn opulence characterize this interior design trend in 2021. You can mix and match any new pieces with vintage color vanities and WaterSense faucets to your hearts content. 2021 can be a new year for saving water and cutting expenses on things you may not have considered in the past.

A Pop of Color - While minimalistic furnishing usually comes in neutral tones, remember that using new colors with bold walls and accent pieces is all the rage. Things like throw pillows will help your furniture pop. Consider shower curtains, curtains, accessories, and even plants with bright blooms can be used seasonally without spending a lot of money. Fun and intense color schemes will give your home warmth, edge, and some major personality options for consideration. Remember that you are the client and think about what will make you happy.

2021 interior decorating trends are sure to be vibrant, welcoming, and inviting in the interior design world. Make sure you choose each component of your design with love and just the right amount of cozy!

Atlas Plumbing is here to assist you with all your plumbing fixture needs. From plumbing parts, and fixtures that can be revisited in this new year of design changes for your home, business, bath, commercial restroom, or institutional location; to brand new custom build projects, Atlas and our professional can help with the selection process. Consider adding any or all of the items in the list below as possibilites in your go forward design plans for 2021. 

Toilet Seats
Bidet Seats
Shower Doors
Bath & Body
Bath Linens
Medicine Cabinets
Commercial Fixtures

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