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Saving Water Indoors

Conserving Water Is Efficient

WaterSense - Atlas Plumbing Supports Saving Water

As we learn to use and save water in our homes and commercial settings here in Dallas, it is important to note there can be some genius ways to begin that process in your specific locations. Atlas Plumbing, your favorite Dallas plumber can help with so many aspects of plumbing, plumbing fixtures, and waterSense parts, let us discuss Saving Water Indoors and discuss conserving water in your home. While commercial settings may require additional purchases, home settings are almost effortless in understanding how you and your family can save water indoors. Dallas Water Utilites - Save Dallas Water have lots of information on their website that can provide an excellent source of how to save water for your home or business setting.

One of the best ways to being this process means education about toilets. In the home, or in the public restrooms; American Water Works Association (AWWA) estimates that toilets use the most water indoors. We are talking about 20 gallons per person per day! Wow, that means each person uses 7,200 gallons per year. High efficiency toilets can jump start this action by lowering gallons usage per flush. Toilet engineering says HET types only use 1.28 gallons per fluch. That ratio means you can save 4,000 gallons per year.

If you are a Dallas Water Utilities customer you may qualify for a voucher to help replace up to two toilets in your home. Go to the New Throne for Your Home Toilet Replacement Program for information on the toilet replacement program. 

In addition be aware of ways to check your toilet for leaks, and repair them promptly. Toilets frequently leak around the flapper valve, wasting 200 gallons or more per day. In checking for leaks, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank of your toilet. Do not flush the toilet for 10 to 15 minutes. After that time, if the bowl shows traces of food coloring, you have a leak. The flapper valve of the toilet should be checked in this manner at least once a year. Be sure to replace the flapper valve with the correct size for your toilet. The wrong size will significantly reduce your toilet’s efficiency.

Saving water in your shower is quite easy. Take shorter showers and install a low-flow showerheads. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average family could save 2,900 gallons per year by installing WaterSense® labeled showerheads. WaterSense products provide a satisfactory shower that is equal to or better than conventional showerheads on the market. You can have an invigorating shower, with no reduction in water pressure and still use half the water of a less efficient showerhead.

Remember to be aware you can also save water in the kitchen and laundry room here in your Dallas home. Known as the second largest water user in the home, a staggering 30 - 40 gallons of water can definitely jumpstart a new way to save by purchasing a high efficiency washer. Taking usage down to 12 to 15 gallons means you are massively saving water and reducing costs for heating and drying that same laundry. Try to wash full loads, and remember to use the small setting when possible.

Repair leaking faucets. The AWWA estimates almost 14 percent of our indoor water use is lost to leaks. Be sure to allow drips only when freezing temperatures require is, and to install faucet aerators when possible. Aerators are inexpensive and can reduce the amount of water used by 50 percent. It is estimated that faucets use 10 gallons per person per day, so an aerator could save 1,825 gallons per year per person.

Also: Rinse dishes in a pan; don’t rinse under running water. and when you use a dishwasher, wash only full loads. Dishwashers use about 15 gallons of water each time per use.

Keep a jug of water in the refrigerator to avoid running the tap until the water runs cool.

Remember to find out more about Atlas Plumbing Dallas for all your faucets, toilets, tubs, showers, and shower head needs. Atlas Plumbing Company  has protected the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors for over 75 years. Remember that we are here in the Dallas service area,  to serve you. Thank you Dallas clients for your vote of confidence. Call us today for any questions about saving water here in the Dallas Ft. Worth cities.  

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 Atlas Plumbing here in Dallas invites you to go to the Dallas Saves Water website and take a look for new or upcoming rebate offerings for your home, business, or commercial facilities. Trust the Best and Call us today. (972) 243-8051


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Atlas Plumbing replaced a sewer line which had corroded under the house and broken. Using a camera, the they showed us it was corroded, broken and had roots in it. We got 3 bids, with Atlas having provided us with a most satisfactory explanation.
  -- Arthur M. - Plano, TX