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BBQ's In Texas Right Around The Corner

Outdoor Sinks By Atlas Plumbing

Do you have a great backyard, but are considering an outdoor kitchen this year? Now is the time to follow up with this thought process before you run out of time. If you have a pool, or just a great area to convert into the patio of your dreams, then take a few minutes to review this article from Atlas Plumbing here in Dallas. If the weather cooperates, it could be as soon a late April to begin those great events and  BBQ. Atlas Plumbing can work with you and a designer to make your outdoor dreams come true.

You have seen all the rage with outdoor kitchens here in the Metroplex. Remember that design with a purpose means you have what you want with all the plumbing features you need. Here is some food for thought...

Think about the last time your last barbecue. Did your hands get dirty? Did you drop a serving platter or plate that had to be cleaned off? Could this BBQ be easier to cook, serve, wash and clean up? The answer is YES.

Inconvenience is encountered in our lives from various sources, but we hope that having a BBQ for friends is not going to be one of them. There are greater inconveniences than having to walk back and forth between a kitchen and barbecue or garden just to use a sink. We agree completely, and here at Atlas we hope that noone makes those tiresome trips this year. You can unload the supplies you need, and store them outside and have everything you need to prep, cook, and cleanup. You won't be able to imagine life without an outdoor sink! The elderly and disabled - those for whom such trips are much more than inconveniences - are especially well-served by a conveniently located sink. Be it for gardening or a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, having a sink where you work saves time and effort.

For yard and garden purposes, there usually isn't much to worry about when it comes to selecting and installing a sink. Things change when the sink is part of an outdoor kitchen, and concerns over water supply and drainage move to the fore. If you're thinking about adding a sink to your life, we're here to help you here at Atlas Plumbing to make the right decision on purchases of sinks, dish washers, refrigerators, and mores.

Here are some questions to think of before you call us here at Atlas Plumbing here in Dallas about plumbing fixtures for your Outdoor Kitchen.

What kind of sink should I buy? Maybe consider a Granite undermount sink or stainless steel that stands up to the rigors of outdoor use

It is true that the easiest thing about outdoor sinks is the sink itself. The most common material is stainless steel of course, and would match the grill. Durable, and also very cost-effective, stainless steel sinks are available in a wide variety of configurations and designs from a wide variety of plumbing manufacturers.

Highly visible in indoor kitchens for years, most manufacturers now offer specialty lines designed specifically for outdoor use. If stainless isn't your thing, don't worry. Atlas Plumbing, your favorite Dallas plumber can help with your decision. Proper care and consideration, and planning for the right sink can be used outdoors. While size and design is up to you: most garden sinks have only a single bowl, while kitchens often benefit from multi-bowl arrangements. If you know you will entertain frequently, you may want to consider an additional trough-style or bar sink as the perfect addition to their outdoor tiki bar or wet bar.

Now what about for the correct faucet? For the faucet, you'll want one made of stainless steel or solid brass, preferably with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish to guarantee longevity. Be sure that you leep in mind that the faucet will be exposed to the elements year-round, and can deteriorate at an advanced rate without a high-quality protective finish. Here at Atlas Plumbing, we recommend choosing a stainless steel product to go with your other outdoor elements. Atlas has plenty of manufacturers products for sinks, faucets, fillers, dish machines, and more.

How do I get water to the sink? At this point, you may be asking - if getting an outdoor sink is so easy, why doesn't everybody have one? Usually, it comes down to the plumbing and that's where Atlas comes in. Professional services are our speciality, and running supply lines and hot water sources can be done on budget and in time for this springs first cook out.

Hot and Cold water are great options outdoors in your new kitchen. You may want to consider an on-demand water heater can provide near-boiling water instantly. If you experience cold winters, Atlas understands that installation must include an easy way to shut off and drain the lines before winter to prevent freezing and bursting pipes. We can work with you and your designer to make it happen.

Should your sink be for yard and garden use, rather than an outdoor kitchen, supplying the water can be much easier. Portable units are available with a small basin, wheels, and garden hose connections for supply and drainage, but you can also easily create your own version with a solid freestanding sink and a few hose adapters.

What about drainage? Remember you can use a Prep table sink sink, so as not to make a big issue. Drainage must be done properly, in city code compliance and could even be set up to be reused for irrigation for the yard if you plan it correctly.

If your sink is part of an outdoor kitchen, and you plan to prep foods or wash dishes in it, you may be wandering beyond the scope of greywater, depending on your state's definition. Until fairly recently, most states required that all wastewater be disposed of through a sewer/septic system, drawing no distinction between raw sewage and water with a bit of soap in it. Some states now allow the latter to be re-used (or disposed of) without treatment, according to specific guidelines. Kitchen water may or may not fall under such guidelines. Let Atlas help you determine your specific needs for your location.

Let the good times roll as they say in New Orleans. Get ready and plan now for your dream Outdoor Kitchen. Call Atlas Plumbing and let's get started keeping your spring, summer, and fall prepped for BBQ's galore.

Please call Atlas Plumbing in Dallas at 972-243-8051 for more information. Your favorite Dallas Plumber!

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The owner of Atlas Plumbing called to provide the cost estimate for installing a new Rinnai tankless water heater. He was very knowledgeable and instilled a sense of trust that the job would be done right. I scheduled the installation as soon as possible.
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