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Rooms With Color

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Kohler Design Inspiration From Candy - Atlas Plumbing Dream Playroom

This is 2017 and room designs, bath and kitchen designs are up for grabs...what used to be the norm is now all about design, function, and color. If you listen to the market and are willing to take risk with style, color and design, then there are no limits. Tyler Wisler a New York basked designer from HGTV and frequent guest on George To the Rescue, has taken us to a new level in the process of designing a new location for home, business, and commercial institutions. Inspiration, design, selection of styles and fixtures, to color is the only consistancy on every remodeling project. This child's playroom, a converted garage speaks volumes about the use of candy for inspiration with a solid black and white base start.

If you have a new project in the making but haven't begun the process, then allow these guidelines of inspiration to help you with your new bathroom or kitchen project. Remember, this inspiration might be even the smallest thing says Tyler; a trinket on a shelf or a trip down memory lane with a love of something you saw on a trip many years ago.

Let's Begin The Inspiration:

Pull inspiration from what you know, things you love, or places you have been. Every design project begins with great bones. The result of this beginning means you will have a project that means something to you each time you see it, and it becomes this beautiful space for you; and with a personal taste and style will also have meaning to everyone who sees it as well.

From Inspiration to reality: Select The Color Palette Inspired By Nature

What is your passion? Obsession with gems or minerals? Love of the spices found in nature and their beautiful colors? Love of the landscapes in and around your region? Why not revisit this love with something that inspires you all the time.

You could begin with a tradional color in black, bring in a sofa with clean lines and fit the space; then integrate new design aesthtics from your childhood or a trip. If you love gems and minerals why not start with rich cobalt blue, white, and greys with gold found in Lapis Lazuli.

Color may also exude culture, sights, sounds and smells like a spice market. Paprika, cumin, curry, and chilis. These reds, yellows, and oranges speak volumes in the spice markets of Morrocco. Making splashes of exoctic vibrant colors is a great way to impact a room.

Playful Patters can inspire a style or even a culture.

Food and taste could be used as a starting point. For a child's room let's say you use candy for inspiration. How about M & M's? What a spectacular way to bring the colors of candy to reality by seeing all those rainbow colors in their bedroom or playroom. Remember to anchor the design with a foundation like black or white and take it from there. The picture above says a lot about this. Who would'nt love to play in that room right?

Get Inspired with physical objects or a beauritul memory.

The smell of the ocean, the texture of your new bedding in your favorite vacation hotel setting. Inspiration is really everywhere. Once you decide, elaborate on it, and then break it down plumbing fixture after plumbing fixture. Taking a risk or two is never a bad thing; and remember this is your space. Begin with the structure and take it to the walls, floors, windows, cabinets and lights. Layering your accessories to complete the story.

There are no rules with design. Just make sure you commit to it throughout the whole process. If you love it, go for it. Kind of like an outfit: people can tell if you’re uncomfortable, but if you strut your stuff and own it, you win. Our hope is for you to win, and win big. A place of fun, sanctury, peace, joy, or whatever mood you were hoping for is just about to take place.

Please call Atlas Plumbing in Dallas at 972-243-8051 for more information. Your favorite Dallas Plumber!

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Atlas Plumbing arranged for a subcontractor, who does tunneling, to came out and dig an 18 foot tunnel under the patio and under the house. Other plumbing companies wanted to tear up the patio. Atlas replaced the broken line and then trenched out to the city sewer and laid a new pipe. After the inspector approved the work, they did an excellent job of packing the dirt back into the tunnel and covered the trench.
  -- Arthur M. - Plano, TX