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Atlas Plumbing - Budget Remodel

Are you like many first-time homeowners in that after your initial purchase of that new home, you have been pretty much unable to spend those dollars you hoped to on the changes and redesign options you wanted to make? Being "house broke for a few months, or even a few years is not that uncommon these days. Since a home is usually the largest single item you will ever purchase, it is likely that you settled for hand me down furnishings, thrift shop items, and things you already had to get the houshold running, and you went on and moved in with hopes to make changes later on. Am I right? Well good news is on the way.

Since your house payments are stable now, you may be ready to make some limited updates; and remember you don't have to break your piggy bank to make it happen. You can design on a budget. Choosing wisely for a few key plumbing upgrades and accessories will go a long way toward adding value to your home. Let's talk about what to upgrade first.

Best Dollars For Your Selections:

When choosing which spaces to update in the plumbing department, consider where you spend most of your time. Are we talking pool and backyard areas, laundry room, bar area, or kitchen?  The answer is probably the kitchen for most everyone, so let's begin with the kitchen indoors. If you frequently entertain guests and family, then why not begin with comfort and what's easy on the eye. By concentrating on where family and friends may congregate, living room, dining room and kitchen, then keeping on a fixed budget and spending wisely on accessories and updates will be a joy.

The first step in evaluating the what of this new project is to take a look at your home kitchen with fresh eyes. Step outside and then go back in through the main entrance (yes, we really want you to go out and come back inside). Pretend you are seeing the space for the very first time. Think about the age of what you see, and notice what is on the walls. Examine those faucets, the sink, the sprayer hose and island items. Do you have an idea for what you want to change? What are the finish colors and are they leaking. Do you have a picture you clipped as a dream kitchen? If so then lets talk about what you must review.

Upgrade Possibilities:

  • Kitchen Faucet
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Island Faucet
  • Island Sink
  • Pot Fillers
  • Garbage Disposer
  • Instant Hot Water Option
  • Major Appliance Changes
  • Wall Colors & Decor
  • New Styles & Furnishings
  • Smalls like tableclothes, dishes, & serving pieces
  • Bar Stools
  • Bar Sink
  • Bar Faucets
  • And More...

Keeping all these things in mind, if you have a plan, then let's get started with a quote for those beautiful fixtures you want. If you need help in making the right decisions for your location, and what exact model and type of plumbing fixtures to purchase, then this is where Atlas Plumbing comes in. For over 75 years Atlas has been helping homeowners just like you keep on budget and make the changes you really want. Today, leading manufacturers like Kohler, Price Pfister, Delta, Moen and Bosch have thousands of WaterSense saving plumbing products to choose from. Styles, complete lines, and modular cabinets and accessories to go with all plumbing products have never been easier to select too. With a little help from our superior staff here at Atlas here in Dallas, you can get the best of the best for a great price.

Atlas Plumbing Company carries a full line of quality replacement products at our Dallas warehouse to replace, upgrade, or update. We offer a full line of residential and commercial grade fixtures, even the kitchen sink -- if you need one! Ask to see our catalog of available products. As Authorized Dealers and Installers of these fine manufacturers.

At Atlas Plumbing Company, our commitment to you is to provide excellent service and quality products faster, at affordable rates, and take the time to clean up before we leave. As consummate professionals, we take pride in everything we do. So why not begin that budget project today. Pick up the phone and get us out there to provide a quote on your new kitchen...Trust The Best - 972-243-8051. We are here to serve you.

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The owner of Atlas Plumbing called to provide the cost estimate for installing a new Rinnai tankless water heater. He was very knowledgeable and instilled a sense of trust that the job would be done right. I scheduled the installation as soon as possible.
  -- Angela M. - Plano, TX