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Atlas Plumbing Dallas -  Welcome To The 2016 Color Palette In Home Improvement

It's that time again, and the new year has arrived with a bang. Contemplation regarding home and business improvements has turned from thought to innovation. Today's markets in design and paint companies  like Behr, CMG, Neon Deco, and Pantone are now encouraging their designers to show consumers like you the latest selections in colors to use this year.

The actual selection process of manufacturers fixtures, faucets and accessories, styles and influences from different eras could be creating a stressful situation that is not making it quite so easy for that latest bathroom or kitchen project. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, with respect to selection all the design elements for a home improvement project make just getting there may be a mixed blessing. At least an unintended one for sure.

We believe that this is where Atlas Plumbing in Dallas comes to the rescue! Atlas Plumbing is here to help you sort out all the process road blocks. We are here just for you and your next project. Home, business, or institution upgrades or remodels have never been so easy. And check out these timeless ideas for color shown below. You are invited to review these colors - Your are looking at the new norm for 2016.


How To Begin?

Options mean simply that. How to start the overall design and selection process that works well for your new project is our discussion point for this article. So, lets begin. Choosing products individually, combining colors styles and influences means you must make a decision about what you want. However mixing and matching isn't as easy as it looks, and might not work once different fixtures are installed due to the way they function. Thanks to Kohler this year, we have some better options for consideration as well that could be of great assistance. Since most paint companies use 10 to 20 colors each year, it has never been easier to take advantage of the options, and still make it the best for the location of that special home, business or institutional project.

2016 Color Options:

It's all about Harmony!  What makes sense is to begin looking at products from a collection line.  The sink, toilet, bathtub, paint and accessories,  often reflects a single, distinctive style. The similarities within the different elements of the collection are subtle, but crucial for cohesiveness. Harmony means it suits your setting, design ethic, and you love it.

“It’s the small details that express the style within a collection,” says interior designer Travis Rotelli at the Kohler Design Center. “Our Purist® line, for example, has a very minimal look and clean lines. The escutcheon plate on the robe hook is the same as on the base stem of the faucet. With all of our collections, the central design aesthetic is artfully filtered throughout the entire suite.”

Considering all the material and style variables, choosing from a collection can provide easy, quick shopping with minimal effort . “Collections are a great starting point for consumers,” Rotelli says.

Another subtle key to a harmonious bathroom is to install matching faucet finishes. We discussed faucet finish options last month with a very detailed discussion of what options are out there.

“Not all metal finishes are created equal,” Rotelli says, “A stainless steel finish, for instance, can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another due to the difference in nickel content. Compare [a KOHLER] faucet side by side with one of inferior quality, and you really can see the difference.”

Adds Rotelli, “Kohler’s stainless steel products always hold up nicely because we use steel with a higher nickel content. Some companies use the higher-quality steel, some don’t. That high quality allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on those finishes.”

You also want a seamless functionality in the sinks, faucets, toilets, vanities and accessories you select. They must function well but work well and be pleasing to the eye.  By matching components for size and scale as well as looks insures those pesky little after thoughts are not a reality. For example:  A large-scale faucet can overwhelm a petite sink—and it could cause water to splash out of the basin. A strikingly contemporary vanity might be beautiful in its own right, but when paired with an antique sink and faucet, the visual disconnect can be jarring.

Atlas Plumbing would like to invite you to view your project as an artisan canvas you will begin to paint. Unity doesn't mean uniformity anymore. Personalize, add paint, distinctive wallpapers, photos, framed art and decor and music are all part of your personality and design elements you already have in your setting. Remember that these elements can be updated as often as you like, and with  minimal planning annually or even seasonally. Selection of fixtures, faucets, showers, and cabinets can easily create serenity and balance, and express a single focus. Finding your own harmony and accessorize with that balance in mind can create new beauty all throughout the year.

Consider lighting and paint colors and types that will make the most sense for the setting you are working with. Paint is subtle, and shadows can dramatically affect the visual appearance. Day to night changes are either enhanced or made harsh by light. Incorporation of contrasting whites with large splashes of color are a great way to change the asthetic of any room. Shades of whites are really big this year as you can see from the palette colors.  Adding additional colors in pillows, shower curtains, photos, frames, linens and mats are all ways to make those changes totally personal. Spontaneous sale purchases never have to go to the closet. Creation of seasonal looks that enhance your moods are a definite option.

Also remember to review these additional types of paint options from various manufacturers. Sherwin Williams even has a special Bath & Spa Waterborne Interior Paint that offers a mildew resistant, color lock tech that won't rub off, cleans easily and contains paint and primer together. What a great idea right!  Such things were never even heard of in the not too distant past. Amazing palettes predicting colors from fashion and fabrics to home decor, interior design trends and bathroom and kitchen fixtures are now the new norm. Whether you are looking for changes in the home with calming zen like colors, or  wanting to completely change the business or commercial space with energetic and lively colors, companies like Sherwin Williams have broken it down for you.

The elements that remind us to live well, be well, and stay well are vital to creating spaces to unplug whether at home, in the office, or in places like hospitals, fitness centers, and institutional settings. Take a play from the 2016 playbook - " Natural materials, honed and sheer… Ancient alabaster and marble hues. Warmer grays turning to khaki and blushed neutrals.” –

Trust The Best" and call Atlas Plumbing today at 972-243-8051 for all your plumbing and home improvement needs in Dallas.

In the coming year, Atlas is committed to providing continuing excellent service and quality products to you, faster at affordable rates. As consummate professionals, we take pride in everything we do, and we are grateful for you the Dallas community allowing us to serve you.

For over 75 years Atlas Plumbing Company has protected the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors in the Dallas service area, and we are still here to serve you. Thank you Dallas clients for your vote of confidence. Trust The Best!


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