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Kohler Shows Off Flexible Asthetic

Atlas invites food for thought today. We ask you to imagine what your main bath might look like if you had the ability to bring in multiple designers. You could then ask them to come up with 3 different designs for the same bathroom using your favorite Tresham products by Kohler....Guess what, it’s a done deal now. Below, take a look at the 3 seriously playful traditions of Classic Americana that sincerely capture the modern eclectic sensibility and bring it home, maybe even to your home.

Atlas Plumbing in Dallas, challenges you to consider this perspective and approach to your next bathroom remodel or plumbing fixture upgrades to your residential home, business, or industrial setting. Atlas believes that by keeping your options open and being flexible in the outcome will enable you to work through the challenges of coming up with that one right design you want to live with. After all, you are the one that will be living with this new design right?

Kohler challenged 3 designers to give their take on one bathroom using all the products in the Tresham line. Each had the same budget, the same space, and the same products in the Tresham product line to choose from. It’s all about form, true function and design:

Travis Rotelli Interior Designer

Travis Rotelli Interior Designer:

Tresham 30" Pedestal Sink K-2845-8
    Karbon® Lavatory Faucet K-6268-C11
    Loure® Towel Bar K-16253
    Loure Mirror K-11579-CP
    Loure Towel Arm K-11586-CP
    Loure Towel Ring K-11587-CP

Katie Begalke Art Director:

Katie Begalke Art Director: 

Tresham™ One-piece surface and integrated sink K-2979-8-0
    Tresham 24" Vanity K-2604-F69
    Tresham Pull-out storage bridge (x2) K-2607-F69
    Pinstripe® faucet with cross handles K-13132-3A-BV
    Tresham Comfort Height® toilet K-3950-0
    Glenbury™ toilet seat with Q3 Advantage K-4733-0

Niels Eilmus Industrial Designer:

Niels Eilmus Industrial Designer:

 Tresham™ One-piece surface and integrated sink K-2979-8-0
    Tresham 24" vanity (x2) K-2604-F69
    Tresham pull-out storage bridge (x3) K-2607-F69
    Margaux® faucet with cross handles (x2) K-16232-3-CP
    Margaux 24" towel bar (x2) K-16251-3-CP
    Marguax valet K-16257-CP
    Margaux toilet tissue holder K-16255-CP
    Tresham Comfort Height® toilet K-3950-0
    Glenbury™ toilet seat with Q3 Advantage K-4733-0

Atlas Plumbing has decided that any American living space might be considered self reflexive and even paradoxical when you view the results. But all three above perspectives could be considered deconstructed, carefully disorganized, and yet steeped with the tradition of that old world look and feel just by the nature of the products by Kohler. Wainscoting, curiously formal, and decisively elegant, each has a particular look and feel, and each has a different age group and end course. See for yourself and remember all leading manufacturers have new bathroom product lines with many many styles to choose from. The Kohler Tresham line used in this Case Study includes vanities, toilets, sinks, faucets, and shower receptors, which do bring the photos to life with a twist... Elegance in the traditional bathroom can really be eclectic, just take a look above.

After you approve that right design asthetic you want to live with, Atlas Plumbing in Dallas invites you to explore the full Color Trends 2014 Palette to make your color selections. Atlas invites you to visit the Color Gallery. A  versatile tool in color selection tool like no other, this year’s offerings have been like no other. Not only does it give you access to Benjamin Moore's complete catalog of more than 3,400 beautiful paint colors, but these option can help to create the perfect color combinations that will enhance the goal you are trying to reach. 2014 Color Gallery makes it easy—and lots of fun—to find the colors that you're looking for, or to simply explore colors and consider fresh inspiration. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Kelly Moore are only a few paint manufacturers stepping up to assist today's marketplace in bringing the best of the best into the marketplace for immediate purchase.

Please, begin your journey by clicking here now to see all the 2014 Colors now available for your home design projects with Benjamin Moore. Seeing is believing. Remember that  you may want to consider using an idea card much like the one here above this paragraph so you know exactly what you want. Color, style, and product specs and information go a long way in scheduling contractors, and keeping things organized. Atlas Plumbing is here to help you any way we can.. These ideas we have discussed above are  just a few of the trends that are destined to become traditions for 2014. Here at Atlas Plumbing in the Dallas Metroplex, we believe that you can feel confident in the selection of the design improvements and plumbing fixtures which will be in your redesign for years to come. Call us now to compare. Price may not be the only deciding factor in your new selections.

Atlas Plumbing services Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and  invites you to come in and let us assist you with the purchase of these new faucets, sinks, showerheads, tub enclosures, spray wands, and toilets for you ideal dream bathroom.

"Trust The Best" and call Atlas Plumbing at 972-243-8051  and get started on making changes in your home! Your Favorite Dallas Plumber!

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Atlas Plumbing arranged for a subcontractor, who does tunneling, to came out and dig an 18 foot tunnel under the patio and under the house. Other plumbing companies wanted to tear up the patio. Atlas replaced the broken line and then trenched out to the city sewer and laid a new pipe. After the inspector approved the work, they did an excellent job of packing the dirt back into the tunnel and covered the trench.
  -- Arthur M. - Plano, TX