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Small Bathrooms Are Easy To Upgrade

Make Your Small Bath Your Favorite Place

 If you feel as though you are stuck with a small bathroom, do not despair. Atlas Plumbing believes that it is possible to make your small cozy bathroom beautiful and have the look you want at a price you will be able to afford. You will also be able to visually increase the visual perception of the space and enlarge the room but without a major remodel. Take a look at these wonderful Trendy Bathroom Redesign Tips on how to make it happen. Elegant, historic, chic, contemporary, modern,  and traditional, classic bathrooms are always on-trend.

With today’s style bath products, everything can work as beautifully as they look, so you don’t have to sacrifice performance no matter what time period in design you choose. Consider the following tips to create a the mood in your existing bathroom you’ll love for years to come.

Take Note Of These Simple & Helpful Tips:

Keep everything cornered - Small bathrooms need to make use of all available space, so consider installing storage and product features into the corner. Corners provide extra inches, and allow you to create unique design solutions. They also reduce clutter and make for a clean aesthetic.

Downsize your existing toilet - Consider replacing your old toilet with a compact elongated model. It’s the same size as a round-front toilet but provides the comfort of an elongated seat. Plus, newer HET  toilets use less water, making them friendlier to the environment. That means water savings over the long term and great resale value.

Do Stick with solid colors - In a small bathroom, busy patterns can overpower and appear to shrink the space. Light, natural tones lend an open, spacious feel. If you want to get creative, play with textures rather than patterns. Keep prints light and to a minimum. If you really yearn to go bold, the powder room is a better choice for showing off your style. Pick up your favorite magazine to enjoy new and different ideas for future changes.

Maximize the look of your bath - Consider installing a bathtub that’s designed to make the most of small spaces. The Expanse bath has a uniquely curved basin, while its standard size makes it perfect for easy updating and renovation. There’s even a coordinating curved shower rod available in three styles. These elegant bath products are widely sold across the nation at most home accessories retail stores.

Select smaller faucets - Change your sink faucet to a space-saving, single-hole model. These can have elegant finishes to match new cabinet styles or maybe be your favorite traditional look and feel.

Do streamline the shower - Choose a sliding shower door or shower screen. Sliding doors don’t require space for door clearance, and the clear glass acts like a window, creating the perception of even more space. Accessories can highlight the ambiance you need.

Consider a downsize of the vanity - Save real and perceived space by installing a smaller vanity, a pedestal sink or a wall-mounted sink. Even if they’re not particularly small, console tables help expand the perception of space thanks to their slender legs. If you choose to forego a vanity, you’ll want to add shelving to make up for lost storage. Shelving is out there for reasonable pricing and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Take the tub sides down a notch - Consider replacing your old tub with a lower-walled model to help open up sight lines and make the bathroom look more expansive. Try a 5-foot tub with a flat bottom. They’re perfect for showering, but still deep enough for a pleasant bath. The sky is the limit with styles available from leading manufacturers.

Adjust your view by lowering height - Consider hanging your cabinet at a more comfortable height (around 34 or 36 inches) to avoid unnecessary bending. If possible, use niche shelving and a mirrored medicine cabinet to remove bulky furniture. Accents with rugs, towels and accessories can blend the colors you want easily and make the whole room new and fresh.

Take advantage of the style and pizzazz of plumbing fixtures available to you in today's stylish markets by using some imagination and a few simple tips when thinking about your cozy bathroom. We believe that you can turn your cramped bathroom into a cozy retreat—without having to move any walls. Imagination goes a long way in saving costs. Check back soon for wonderful ideas about changing out plumbing fixtures in your Dallas home.

Call us here at Atlas Plumbing today 972-243-8051. We are your favorite Dallas Plumber!

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The owner of Atlas Plumbing called to provide the cost estimate for installing a new Rinnai tankless water heater. He was very knowledgeable and instilled a sense of trust that the job would be done right. I scheduled the installation as soon as possible.
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