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Create Your Own Zen Factor

Inspired home Bath Experiences

It’s ok to dream about those perfect vacations when you spent an afternoon cloaked in a soft bathrobe after a hot steamy zen bath. Truly it feels so good, and the only down side is eventually you have to come home right. Now, let’s  imagine having that you can have that same dream of a  luxury bath in the morning, afternoon, or evening, after a long day’s work. Yes, we mean at your home.

The truth is, it’s really possible–and it doesn’t have to cost you your kids’ college funds to get it. The up side here is by making simple adjustments to your everyday bath will yield a big impact. So you think you may need more space in your bathroom to make that happen? If you add more white to bring light into the bathroom, making it feel more spacious, you could lobby for a Spa Inspired Bath too. Your BathTime just became an Inspired Experience!

Smoothing colors and tones with simple decor allows relaxation and comfort, and promotes rejuvenation of the mind and body. In 2013, many homeowners are using the spa’s qualities to create their own personal home escape. Whether you’re thinking of a complete bathroom renovation or considering adding comfortable accessories – here are some ways to add relaxation to your bathroom.

Create The Zen Factor In Your Home Bath:

You must minimize the clutter. Simplicity meets sophistication. When it comes to the bathroom, Atlas Plumbing agrees that this mantra is right on. One word of advice as you begin this exciting process; you may want to decorate the bath in the same way you would your home,  but it’s best to steer clear of that  and stick to simple, minimal décor. One more suggestion, you can store unsightly bottles of shampoo and toothpaste away in a drawer. This will reduce the visual noise and offer the uncluttered first impression at the door.

Consider bringing the outdoors inside. Fresh plants and flowers may be used as a natural air freshener in here or any room for that matter. There is something so calming about looking at them as well. Ahh, that spa inspired bath is taking shape. A plant or herb that is sweet and subtle, such as a small shrub or plant with deep green leaves or, if you’re more into florals, a single orchid or a small handful of cherry blossoms may foot the bill.

Make the lighting a priority. You may want to have adjustable levels of that light at your fingertips. You should be able to control your bath’s brightness based on how you’re using it. Recessed lighting with a dimmer switch is ideal, but if swapping out the fixtures in your bathroom isn’t an option right now, bring alternate sources inside. Simple sconces or hanging lanterns provide ample lighting for your morning routine and using a string of candles around the bath coupled with natural light streaming in may provide the perfect pairing for an evening spa event. Don’t forget to check out  frosted bulbs, since they give off less glare than clear ones.

Color is a huge part of this new peaceful space. By using soft, calming colors in earthly tones, you can always use a big or little splash of color in accessories. This keeps the investment for resale in mind should you ever decide to sell. Nature itself teaches you about the tones to have close when you are relaxing.    Just as a sprouting lavender-colored orchid adds a hint of color to a garden, subtle pops of soft floral hues can be incorporated here to get that perfect complement.

Keeping visual interest at a maximum can be accomplished with wood and stone enhancements, as do bath mats with color, texture, and composition. If budget is an issue, simply just think of simple clean lines with simple accents in complementary colors.    For instance an in-shower or bathside teak stool, reflection ball, or clear glass hurricane filled halfway with pebbles. Remember simple, clean, and not too much will mean peace beyond what you can see.
Zen Polished Chrome
The most important fact about this new inspired bath is you must use it for your own personal wellness, and use it frequently. No more day dreaming now, just get it done so you can have something to look forward to at the end of your day. Or maybe after the kids are at camp or school, and your family is at work. What a way to start your day.

Selection of the new plumbing fixtures  for your tub, shower, vanities, and flooring are the final essentials that everything else is built around. Atlas can help you make those final plumbing fixture selections so that you can enjoy a serene bath or shower at any time of the day or night. With today's new manufacturer product lines, it has never been easier to decide what will make you happy.  No worries here you say as you step into that peaceful new bathroom constructed and decorated to fit your whim…for now!

Call us today here at Atlas Plumbing at 972-243-8051. We believe that you can make create that Zen experience in your home today.  When it comes to plumbing in Dallas, Trust The Best!, Atlas Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.

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The plumber from Atlas that installed my new water heater also provided the estimate and evaluated whether or not it was feasible to switch to tankless water heater. He was very knowledgeable about talkless systems and provided both the pros and cons of tankless vs. traditional tank hot water heaters.
  -- Angela M. - Plano, TX