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 Intricate Beauty for the Bathroom

Kohler Bathroom Beauty

In centuries past, the wealthy have normally set the stage for the avant-garde by using the best of the best in décor, home furnishings and accessories.  Specialty hand painted dinnerware and painting were something the wealthy always enjoyed. Using these same techniques, this hand work became just the beginning of a time consuming and unforgiving process. Despite the fact these beautiful designs were easily damaged by daily use, technique of art for the home is still something most Americans can enjoy, it has just graduated into more than things like fine ceramic dinnerware. In time a new technique called transferware process in the mid 18th century made it possible for artisans to place highly detailed patterns onto ceramic ware through ceramic ink printing and application techniques. This transition in new technology opened the door for society to embrace art for the home in a new and beautiful way.

Fine ceramic pieces have endured the test of time, and most have gotten even more complicated both in color and subject matter. These higher definition images and use of more colors and patterns have traditionally brought about the creation of more new processes which have enabled makers to produce fine dinnerware items faster, easier, and with more consistently than ever before. Durability and exquisitely designed table settings were no longer exclusive to the aristocracy. Today's culture is always looking for new ideas from the past, so this is your challenge.

Why is this important to you today in your home bath or kitchen?  We invite you to take a stroll with us here at Atlas Plumbing and discover something new for your home. It's an adventure to view what we will term beauty beyond the table ideas.

In recent years, Kohler has redefined the same techniques that gave the world the beautifully detailed dinnerware of Wedgewood and Spode to create elegantly patterned fixtures for the bathroom, including sinks and toilets, even faucet handles and beautiful cabinets containing all of these new types of fixtures. Yes, really. Truth told, pictures are worth a thousand words. Take a look at these stunning beauties now available for your home.

Kohler Design Rectangle Cabinet Sink

 Kohler 82370169 Sink

The real value of this beauty belies a surprising toughness, unlike centuries past. The once easily damaged dinnerware of the past, has emerged as exciting new Artist Editions sinks, tubs, faucets and fixtures that exceedingly durable. Just as dinnerware is engineered to stand up to a lifetime of punishment from cutlery and thousands of cycles through dishwashers, the Artist Editions decorated sinks and fixtures are made to look amazing for many years to come. Consider a new way to enhance your home with your next renovation or replacement for the bath.

Kohler’s Patterns Of the World

Kohler has created inspired designs taken from a wealth of different cultures, countries and artistic traditions for these latest Artist Editions series. And if that isn’t enough, these designs are intended for use on more than one product. Specifically, each is designed to be adaptable to each product’s specific surface and geometry, from an oval sink to a round sink to a rectangular basin. This type of fracturing the pattern into a collection of puzzle pieces means true lasting beauty to the eye when completed. Each piece fits together perfectly and is hand-applied to the sink’s surface. What better way to appeal to the eye. Beauty then is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Fabulous multicolored designs intensify this entire process. Many designs require as many as 15 different color layers composited together to accurately reproduce an original inspired design.  Once the decorator has faithfully translated the chosen pattern onto the desired base ware, the piece is ready to fire and be repiacated for production.

Are you ready to explore designs inspired by culture, countries and traditional artistic traditions in your next remodel?

Beauty For The Bath By Kohler With your home as a canvas, Atlas Plumbing challenges you to take a look with big ideas in mind for your new home designs. Consider Kohler inspired Artist Editions where tradition merges with the future and brings a new rich colorful option with character and a style that will never be out of fashion.

Call us today. Our qualified staff here at Atlas Plumbing in Dallas is excited to show you new artistic considerations for your remodel of your existing home, new home or commercial business.  Become a part of a beautiful new future of style and grace.

Atlas Plumbing is your favorite Dallas Plumber when you need an expert for all your plumbing needs... Call us today and get started on making changes in your home! Trust the Best, our professional staff is standing by for your call right now 972-243-8051. 

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Atlas Plumbing removed two old 50 gallon water heaters from my attic and replaced them with one new Rinnai tankless water heater. They also installed a new water hose spigot on the outside of my house. Atlas provided exceptional service from beginning to end.
  -- Angela M. - Plano, TX