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Consider Sensor Operated Fixtures

Moen Touchless Are you planning new or upgrades to plumbing at any of your various commercial locations this year? Atlas Plumbing would like to invite you to consider plumbing fixtures that offer extraordinary reliability and durability while saving water and energy and all without sacrificing quality or hygiene.What can be more efficient than Sensor Operated Fixtures. Using the latest sustainable technology can mean big savings in water bills, electricity, and energy all at the same time. We don't think it gets any better than that.

Commercial plumbing fixtures can become state of the art with all leading manufacturers like Moen, Kohler, American Standard, Delta, and Bosch. When considering rennovations, replacement or repairs, new technology dictates a new look, and a special perspective when considering busy commercial faucets & fixtures. Public restrooms, bars, deli prep areas, convenience stores, fitness centers, school locker rooms, work out areas, office restrooms, cafeterias, and restaurants, institutions, and sports facilities all require owners to consider options not used in a home setting.  Here at Atlas Plumbing one possible solution for reliable commercial plumbing fixtures is Moen Commercial. Heavy duty shower systems, sensor operated flush valves and faucets are time tested tough efficient ways to enhance high traffic use, and provide ways to still be energy efficient at the same time. The public spending less time in the restroom saves you money!

Vandalism has become an valid priority for all commercial public facilities in the last few years. Tampering and removal of fixtures are aspects of vandalism which all commercial installations must take into consideration prior to new or replacement purchases. Discouraging vandalism in any form and making sure downtime is not an option are often ways to review current technology before you buy. As an owner, fixtures which will be able to take a lot of abuse is no longer a consideration, it is now a requirement. Things like solid brass components, vandal resistant screws, angular design on showering systems, and hygiene options, are all valid things you need to think about for your designer and suppliers to fully review. Making sure you place the proper items needed for the most efficient cost can be placed into new designs. Proper installation of this new technology can also mean compliance with best accepted sustainable standards, and for new construction Leeds Certifications which might be obtained by using specific fixtures and faucets are also options to consider.

One usually doesn’t consider that Hygiene is a primary concern in the renovation specifications, but if you ask anyone who uses public restrooms, they will tell you they are always  aware of hygiene. So let’s talk about that for a minute. Moen's M-Power electronic products might get all your attention as a possible item to consider for purchase. Most customers  prefer hands free products in a public restroom setting.  If you want to completely have a hands-free experience, Moen Commercial's flush valves to the toilets and urinals and specified its electronic faucets for hand washing are all easy to install and can make it functional right down to the electronic towel dispenser. What a good idea!

Moen S6700 Lifestyle -

Powered by standard AA batteries that last for more than a quarter million cycles, or by low-power AC adapters, Moen electronic products are extremely energy-efficient. They're also backed by an incredible five-year limited warranty: Should anything ever happen to Moen Commercial products, they're supported by Moen's industry-leading customer service team. Who doesn’t want peace of mind with respect to equipment failure. That means you can eliminate a shut down any of your facilities due to floods or damage.

Atlas Plumbing is here to help you purchase and maintain high-quality products that are reliable and durable. Consider Moen for your renovation and replacement in commercial facilities. They can truly enhance the entire renovation process and keep it seamless.

Call our qualified staff today, Trust the Best 972-243-8051. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The day that my new tankless water heater was installed went just as planned. The plumbers from Atlas did an exceptional job from start to finish and the owner visited twice to assist and to ensure that all was done correctly.
  -- Angela M. - Plano, TX