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Consumer Level Interests In Green Products

WHAT SHADE OF GREEN ARE YOU? New Research Indicates Consumers' Levels of Interest in Green Products

If you thought green was a trend primarily embraced by Gen X and Yers, think again. Information gathered by Moen Incorporated, the number one faucet brand in North America, and Iconoculture, a leading cultural trend research firm, indicates that rather than age; key values and financial status are the defining characteristics in determining consumers' levels of interest in green products.

"The research divided consumers into four primary groups, based on their level of eco-consciousness," said Jack Suvak, Moen's director of research. "Each group is very distinct - in terms of both interest in green and their key values."

Which shade of green are you?

Dark Green

The most eco-conscious of the four groups, Dark Greens are motivated by a sense of responsibility to the planet. Dark Greens come from all age groups, and tend to be from mid- to upper-economic levels. They are driven by products that are eco-friendly but effective; and they will not use products that sacrifice performance just to be green.

Examples of products that fulfill the wishes of Dark Greens are Moen's new environmentally responsible showerheads. The Envi and Nurture water-efficient showerheads each feature three settings and a flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute (gpm) - using up to 30 percent less water than the industry standard 2.5 gpm. Best of all, both showerheads still provide consumers with a superior shower experience with full-body, high-performance coverage.

Key values for this group were identified as a belief in the green movement, a strong sense of community and personal pride.

Medium Green

The next green group, Medium Greens, has a heightened consciousness of green issues. A large contingent in this set consists of young parents concerned about protecting the Earth for their children and grandchildren, as well as protecting their families from toxins and other chemicals. Another significant sub-group within Medium Greens is affluent individuals interested in going green. With regard to purchasing drivers for Medium Greens, they will assess the value against the price point, and are motivated by products that make it easy for them to go green.

Key values of Medium Greens include hope, convenience and prevention.

Light Green

"Green is the new cool" is the motto of the Light Green group, which primarily consists of twenty-something city dwellers, ber-urbans and the emerging middle class. Many within this group embrace the eco-friendly movement because it's trendy and desire the status associated with green's chic factor. However, this group tends to be somewhat cost sensitive, so pricing is a critical factor in determining whether they buy green products. They tend to look for products that are eco-chic in design.

Key values for this group include thrift, practicality, self-expression and status.


The last group encompasses those individuals who aren't necessarily interested in the green movement... yet. Non-Greens are split between those that are newly affluent or income-challenged - so they tend to focus on green if it brings material gain and/or survival benefits. They will only buy green products if they carry the lowest cost.

Key values for the Non-Green group include stability, security, choice and entitlement.

"Greenvenience" is Key

Beyond the learnings of the four distinct green interest groups, Moen also gleaned information about consumers' green purchasing behavior. Most consumers felt there was an intrinsic value in going green, whether it comes from an interest in the planet or a desire for the status of going green. A few key highlights included:

When consumers were asked, "If a retailer raised prices to be more environmentally friendly, would you pay more?" -- nearly 40 percent said they would.

Consumers rated retailers in terms of location, prices, selection of products, customer service and a firm's environmental consciousness, and more than half (52 percent) rated a firm's eco-consciousness as "very" or "somewhat" important, compared to 32 percent who were neutral, and only 16 percent said this was not very important.

Ultimately, "greenvenience" is key for consumers looking for green products. "It isn't easy being green, but it's getting easier - and that's a strong sell to consumers who want to continue to live on their own terms," added Suvak. "Consumers expect convenient, no-sacrifice products that make it easier to be green."

Moen offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed, on-trend kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, showerheads, and stainless steel sinks for residential and commercial applications. As the #1 faucet brand in North America, customers have come to rely on Moen to deliver dependable products and service. Moen is part of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE: FO,, a leading consumer brands company.

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