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The WaterSense label is great place to begin as you do research about remodeling your home. One of the most important things to consider when you're looking for water-saving products, is remembering that the end result is they must perform in order to save you money.

The Environmental Protection Agency's partnership program, WaterSense promotes water-efficient products, programs and practices throughout the US, and offers leading manufacturers the opportunity to create products that can bear that brand rating. So you can be sure that products bearing the WaterSense label offer significant water savings and meet strict performance standards. You want the best, so you need to by WaterSense.

Kohler Co. is proud to be a three-time recipient of EPA WaterSense awards, including the 2009 and 2008 WaterSense Manufacturing Partner of the Year. In 2010, Kohler received an inaugural WaterSense Excellence Award for strategic collaboration. Kohler has been recognized for its commitment to advancing the WaterSense mission. Kohler promoted the following exciting events and programs in support of water conservation.

As the 2010 WaterSense Excellence Award winner, Kohler has some things you need to be aware of that tell you why Kohler is still on the leading edge:

  • Kohler Hosted 49 Save Water America educational/promotional events regarding WaterSense and water-efficient products
  • Kohler Launched a Web site and Facebook page and engaged tens of thousands of consumers to learn about WaterSense, water-efficient products, and contribute to Habitat For Humanity
  • Kohler Trained more than 8,000 professionals on WaterSense and water-efficient products
  • Kohler Collaborated with EPA to drive awareness on WaterSense and water-efficient products through national "Fix-A-Leak" Week and "We're For Water" events
  • Kohler had National spokesperson and three-time Master Plumber Ed Del Grande hosted events and conducted media interviews surrounding WaterSense and water-efficient products

In 2009, Kohler Was Awarded The Designation Of WaterSense 2009 partner of the year because they Sponsored IMAX Film educating on Water Conservation viewed by over 2 million, and converted lavatory faucet offering to comply with the WaterSense guidelines. They also mobile restrooms with water-saving products in Denver and Atlanta for Tax-Free Days events.

And Last But Not Least, in 2008 Kohler was Awarded the WaterSense 2008 partner of the year. Kohler and Charmin both created holiday restrooms in Times Square reduced water consumption by 500,000 gallons over the six-week promotion period, Kohler's Ed Del Grande, company spokesperson, promoted water conservation through interviews, syndicated articles and trade show appearances, and Kohler offered training courses or technical presentations on water efficiency that introduced WaterSense and the HET specification to plumbers and architects and designers.

Not bad for 3 years work. As you can clearly see, The Bold Look Of Kohler is not just about design. It's about the entire Green Savings Package. As Leeds, the EPA, and consumers place more and more emphasis on manufacturers to design to become more environmentally friendly, new products, colors, and types of materials will continue to dominate being on the leading edge. Being on the edge is what Kohler is all about and they haven't forgotten how to stay in the forefront of architects, designers and consumers alike. They really enjoy saving everyone time and money.

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The plumber from Atlas that installed my new water heater also provided the estimate and evaluated whether or not it was feasible to switch to tankless water heater. He was very knowledgeable about talkless systems and provided both the pros and cons of tankless vs. traditional tank hot water heaters.
  -- Angela M. - Plano, TX